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Google Pixel Buds 2: Do You Hear Broke? Or Do You Hear Quality?

If you had told us a few years ago that people would genuinely be interested in buying a pair of true wireless earbuds, we would be puzzled. At the time, true wireless earbuds were easy to lose, didn’t have special features and dropped audio far…

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ChargeASAP X-Connect: Most Powerful USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable

You’re staying at a friend’s house and your battery is running low. They have an Android but you’re an iPhone lover, what do you do? Cross-device charging is a pain that has yet to be solved by phone manufacturers. Typically, you need multiple cables to…

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Pivo: Portable Auto-Follow Pod to Capture GIFs, Photos & Videos for Social Media [ TikTok… ]

Remember those awkward arm stretches you had to do just to take selfies and videos? Don’t get us started with those times you had to really rely on tri-pods – all they do is hold your camera still at different heights and angles.  We’ve all…