5 Reasons Why So Many People Are Using A VPN

Learn how these top 5 reasons have safely secured and encrypted millions of devices for many people and businesses.

1. Secure and Private Network When Using Public Wi-Fi

You’ve probably heard by now that public Wi-Fi is a hangout paradise for hackers.

When you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network, your computer will broadcast to everyone else on that network that you’re online too.

A hacker can easily eavesdrop on your activity and exploit or alter your data.

A VPN service, such as NordVPN ensures that the network is secure and all of your internet activity is encrypted (coded) and unreadable in transit making it super secure.

Additionally, your connections cannot be linked to your computer…and more importantly, to you.

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2. VPN Servers and Locations

These days, most major streaming services, as well as sports, gaming, and gambling sites are region blocked.

This means that the sites can only be accessed by users in specific countries.

Nowadays, this isn’t a problem if you use a trust-worthy VPN provider because you can instantly change your online location in a matter of seconds.

VPN TIP – The more servers a VPN provider has, the better.

For example, users of NordVPN can easily choose to connect to anyone of NordVPN’s 5,809 servers.

Connecting to one of these 5,809 servers means that your server will encrypt and route your network traffic from that specific location.

So, if you live in California (USA) and want to see if you can get a cheaper flight by changing your online location, try connecting to a different server location.

Maybe Washington?

Depending on where you’re planning on flying to.

Essentially a VPN will mask your IP address – which is often used to determine your location.

For instance, if you’re in the UK, you can select a remote VPN server in Japan; the website will think you are accessing their website from Japan.

Pretty cool, huh?

3. Gain Remote Access to Your Work Network

VPNs can be used by remote workers and branch offices to access corporate resources and applications through a securely encrypted, private network.

The main role of a VPN for remote work is to secure the communication between the user(s) and the business network.

So this means NordVPN can ensure that employees gain access into business internal resources, without opening it to the public.

Additionally, students and college professionals can access library databases and journals.

Usually, many library databases and other electronic resources limit access to users who sign in from non-VPN computers.

Thus, a VPN is often used to connect web-based resources and access particular resources from off-campus.

By installing NordVPN on your device(s), you to can easily work remote or access confidential electronic resources.

4. VPN Users Enjoy Being Anonymous

Do you know if your online conversation(s) and activities have been read and stored away?

Chance are, your online conversations and activities probably are being read and stored away, but you’re not aware of it.

Although to point out, some chat apps have encryption built in such as WhatsApp.

But Voice-Over –IP (VOIP) apps don’t generally come encrypted.

To prevent your online conversations and activities from being read and stored away, millions of people are now using a VPN, such as NordVPN.

NordVPN users are able to install the NordVPN app onto a total of 6 devices per plan.

These devices can be either your Android devices, Apple devices, Window devices, Linux, Browser extensions, and more.

Shortly after a user installs and connects to the NordVPN app, they are instantly anonymous when they connect to one of NordVPN’s 5,000+ servers.

Ultimately, a VPN helps you to be unidentifiable online because you’re constantly using a different IP address and never your own.

In fact, you can constantly be in different parts of the world whenever you choose to.

VPN TIP – A VPN should never limit or cap the amount of times you wish to change your online location.

5. Bad Technology Protection Can Be Dangerous

There’s no getting around it, picking a VPN service is not a walk in the park.

Especially because it should be in everyone’s agenda to virtually protect their business or their family.

In theory, a VPN service should have your best interest at heart and that is to offer a secure and private network for their users.

Unfortunately, in reality, things often get complicated.

For instance, some VPN services are scams designed to collect data for the express purpose of selling it while others roots in countries that don’t favor privacy.

As you can imagine, choosing the right VPN is not an easy decision to make.

To make matters worse, they are about over 300 VPN services on the market.

So, how do you know which VPN service will actually do their job and protect your business or family?

Here at ArgueTech, we have scoured through advice from a number of legitimate security and privacy-minded watchdogs to hopefully provide you with VPN knowledge.

We found NordVPN to be reliable, trust-able, and well-performing when it came to securely encrypting your technology devices.


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