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Will this device change mobile gaming? Alienware UFO Concept

Consoles have become a staple of consumer technology since popular models like the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment system blazed a trail back in the early ‘80s. These devices have come a long way from the old 8-bit 2D graphics of decades past. Gaming machines today boast a mind-boggling array of features and advanced […]

Google Pixel Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

If you had told us a few years ago that people would genuinely be interested in buying a pair of true wireless earbuds, we would be puzzled. At the time, true wireless earbuds were easy to lose, didn’t have special features and dropped audio far too often. Luckily, times have changed. Thanks to the improvement […]

Kai Gesture Controller Review 2019

The Kai Gesture Controller allows you to control and interact with the digital world using intuitive hand movements. Kai is focusing its sights on conquering the lucrative virtual and augmented reality (AR & VR) market. 2019 has seen a maturation of the industry resulting from widespread use via mobile devices, with nearly 43 million people […]

Best Affordable Gaming Phone Controller For Competitive Players

GoTroller Warrior is the latest entry into the competitive gaming accessories market and is set to bring the comfort of console gaming to your mobile device. Mobile gaming has continued its meteoric rise to become the largest segment in the games industry, with a 47% share of the entire market. Mobile gaming is estimated to […]

Looking For A Gift For Gamers? Look No Further…

Choosing the best gift for gamers can be a difficult task. Gamers are notoriously difficult to choose gifts for because our interests differ depending on what platform we play on and what our favorite games are. We have put together a helpful list of the best gifts for gamers. What are the best gifts for […]

Best Tech Gifts To Buy 2019

Picking the best gift to buy someone comes with its challenges, especially with the holiday season fast approaching. Choosing the best tech gift can be even more difficult because everyone has their tastes and uses technology in different ways. We have created a list of the best tech gifts in 2019. There is something for […]

Energy Drink For Gamers: Respawn By Razer

Razer is widely credited as one of the companies that have helped propel eSports to its dizzying heights. Their products are robust and well designed, which make them perfect for heavy gaming and around 16% of all professional gamers use a Razer mouse.Razer’s latest foray is into the beverages market with their new drink Razer […]

What Are The Top 5 Selling Gaming Accessories On Amazon?

Introduction What are the Top 5 selling gaming accessories? Well as the popularity of gaming continues to rise with eSports becoming a shining star in the market. The demand for great gaming accessories has grown. In 2017 alone, eSports generated $655 million in revenue and is driving the demand for a variety of gaming accessories. […]

Wish You Could Upgrade Your Laptop Graphics Card?: Razer Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU

For years, external GPUs (eGPUs) have been must-have products for hardcore gamers, but they’ve never been this good. Razer’s new Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU is the perfect way to get all the power of a desktop computer without losing the portability of your laptop. Whenever you want to play a game that requires a […]

Why Every Xbox Gamer Needs A Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller

Find out why third-party controllers are on the rise. Why should you choose Razer? Did you know there are 6 completely removable and customizable buttons? The controller comes with an enormous 3m cable. Creating multiple accounts on one controller has never been easier. Introduction As the rise of online gaming continues, the number of exciting […]

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