GoTroller Warrior is the latest entry into the competitive gaming accessories market and is set to bring the comfort of console gaming to your mobile device.
Mobile gaming has continued its meteoric rise to become the largest segment in the games industry, with a 47% share of the entire market.
Mobile gaming is estimated to be worth a whopping $63 billion, and accessories like the GoTroller Warrior will make it even accessible for those still clinging to console or PC gaming.In our GoTroller Warrior review, we are going to outline what the device is, who the company behind it is, and finish up with the positives and negatives of the GoTroller Warrior.

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Who Are GoTroller?

GoTroller was a brand born out of the desire to bring the ease of console gaming to the mobile gaming market. Their ambition is to create a fun and immersive gaming experience using your handheld touchscreen device.

To do this, they designed a hardware solution that pairs with their proprietary software to try and create a seamless gaming experience.

Ease of use and a hassle-free set up are at the core of the products they have made so far.

This is why their controllers are compatible with almost every game currently available.

Let’s get into more detail about what makes their controllers unique and whether they can stand up to their rivals in the industry.

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What Is The GoTroller Warrior?

The GoTroller Warrior is the premium offering from GoTroller and was designed to provide the robustness that more dedicated gamers need in long gaming sessions.

The controller can connect to either an Android or iOS device using Bluetooth and offers lag-free gameplay.

The controller is ergonomically designed in the same fashion as a console controller, meaning there is a familiar feel to it – this makes navigation and set up relatively easy.

The GoTroller Warrior comes with a custom app that allows you to map the buttons to your preferred choice, which gives it a more professional feel.

GoTroller have opted to use high-quality materials for Warrior and have done their best to provide a simple software interface.

Unlike some of GoTroller’s rivals, the Warrior doesn’t block out sections of the screen with large, clunky controllers, and this improves the immersive gameplay experience.

Also, they have opted to use physical buttons that can be programmed, rather than having controller handles that still require the use of your thumbs.

The buttons provide a smoother gameplay experience.

If a game exists for mobile devices, then the GoTroller Warrior can play it.

Unlike other controllers that only work on a narrow spectrum of gaming titles, with the GoTroller you can play any game, and can customize the controls.

For classics such as PUBG and Fortnite, the controls come pre-programmed.

Arguably the most striking feature of the GoTroller Warrior is its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

The software has been developed so that syncing to any device is straightforward.

This compatibility provides excellent value if you have both an iOS and Android devices.

Configuring the device for each operating system differs very slightly, so next, we will run you through how to get started with the GoTroller Warrior.

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How To Set Up The GoTroller Warrior

To save time, make sure you already have Shooting Plus downloaded, follow the links for the Android and iOS versions.

1. Turn the controller on and set the platform you are using
      a. For Android – Home Button & A
      b. For iOS – Home Button and Y
2. Open Settings on your device and sync – the first time will take longer as it configures
3. Enter the Shooting Plus app
4. Choose the controls for the game & download the configurations
5. Open the game and customize your settings. After the first setup, this will be preloaded for the next time you play.

For more detailed steps, follow the videos below, they will run you through the entire process start to finish for Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Call of Duty Mobile Controller – IOS/Android


What Are The Benefits of The GoTroller Warrior?

● Works with all mobile games
● Compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms
● Connects via Bluetooth with zero lag
● Ability to customize keys and buttons
● Controls come pre-mapped for PUBG and Fortnite
● Full-screen display and physical buttons

What Are The Negatives of The GoTroller Warrior?

● No plug & play – the nature of mobile gaming means that simple plug and play for third party controllers is currently unavailable. So setup takes some time.
● Robustness – GoTroller Warrior, is reasonably priced, meaning you can’t expect the same level of performance as devices like the Razer Wolverine.


The GoTroller Warrior is a fantastic entry into the mobile gaming accessories market. Its cross-platform compatibility makes it a must-buy for any mobile gaming fan.

Are you ready to take mobile gaming to the next level?

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