How Does A VPN Work?

When you install and connect to your VPN service provider, your internet connection quickly gets encrypted before your internet connection travels to your Internet Service Provider (AT&T, Spectrum, Cox, Verizon, etc.) or the public Wi-Fi provider (Starbucks, Library, Employer, etc.).

This is done by first sending your non-encrypted internet connection to a privately secured VPN server, and from that VPN server your non-encrypted internet connection will become instantly encrypted (secure) before going anywhere else.

This means when your VPN app is installed and activated on your device, your encrypted internet connection will make you become anonymous in the virtual world.

For example, you’ll be anonymous in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to your bank website (Chase, Wells Fargo, CapitalOne, etc.).

If you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi or your personal or work internet connection, then both the public Wi-Fi or your personal/work internet connection will see your data as coming from the VPN server and its location, and not from your computer and your location.

In very simple words, when you connect to the web without a VPN, all your information is out there in the open and any interested party can peek at what you’re doing.

On the other hand, when you use a VPN service, the VPN provider is the third party that connects to the web on your behalf to make sure you remain hidden and safe.

This solves the privacy and security problem in that no one can identify you or your computer, or more importantly, what you are doing.

If you are like us and are worried about your privacy and security, you should quickly sign up with a trusted VPN provider.

When looking for a trust-worthy VPN service provider to protect you, make sure the VPN service provider offers military-grade encryption.

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