The inCharge 6 is an outstanding charging solution to the plethora of portable devices on the market today.

With the number of mobile devices worldwide set to increase by over 3 billion over the next four years, finding a charging solution that fits them all is not always an easy task.

As the technology industry has grown, so has the number of chargers you need to keep on hand just to make sure your devices are charged.

Extensive use of any device is a sure-fire way to drain the battery, especially as the average consumer spends more than five hours a day on their smartphones.

However, with over 5 billion USB and USB-C ports around the world, finding a one-stop solution for all of your charging needs seemed out of reach.

This is where the inCharge 6 comes in.

Manufactured by Rolling Square, its cutting edge design has simplified the charging process to fit every charging need.

We are going to detail why inCharge 6 is so unique and outline the reasons why it should be your next tech purchase.

Who Are Rolling Square?

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Rolling Square are a Swiss-based team of engineers and designers who have a knack for creating industry-leading products.

Their first inCharge device was the smallest key-ring cable available and is now the best-selling key-ring cable in the world.

Rolling Square have an ethos of constant improvement that has led to four successful crowdfunding installments.

They are currently on their fifth campaign and looking to galvanize the market once again with the inCharge 6.

What Is the inCharge 6?

Image Credit : RollingSquare

Dubbed the Swiss army knife of cables, the inCharge 6 aims to dethrone its predecessor and become the best-selling key-ring cable in the world.

The inCharge 6 is a single cable that can charge all of your devices and be carried in your pocket.

Its universal compatibility means charing your headphones, phones, cameras, and speakers on the go will never be an issue again.

Arguably the stand out feature is the ability to charge one device by using the power from another.

You can connect your camera to your iPhone using the inCharge 6 and it will use your iPhone to power up your camera.

With a heavy focus on design, the inCharge 6 is meant to last.

Its durability means it can keep up with the demands of somebody on the move.

The inCharge 6 is currently available in three unique colors Mercury Grey, Moon White, and Saturn Gold, which fit perfectly with the sleek design of its exterior.

Image Credit : RollingSquare / ArgueTech

What Makes The inCharge 6 Unique?


Image Credit : RollingSquare

The six charging options leave you completely covered, regardless of your preferred device, so you’ll never have to carry multiple cables around again.

The various connections are:

Each of the connections is housed in the ends of the inCharge 6 and switching between them is simple and elegant.

The robust design means that changing between connections won’t degrade the performance of the charger.

No ports, no problem

The reversal USB-C connection means that the inCharge 6 supports charging from any device.

So if you aren’t near an electrical socket you can use your phone to charge a device or borrow a friend’s device to charge your headphones, camera, or any other compatible hardware.

This feature only works with USB-C as the input but is a monumental step forward in terms of charging capability.

As more companies begin to opt for the superior USB-C connection, the number of devices you can use as input for charging will grow.

Smaller devices like a phone can even charge laptops and tablets, but be aware of the variation in battery size as you may quickly drain your phone’s battery.

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Durability & Design

Image Credit : RollingSquare

A common problem with charging cables is their life span. It is relatively short because of how rigorously they are used and the wires tend to fray or break.

Also, very few charging cables are travel-friendly which makes keeping your devices powered on the move to be an issue.

The inCharge 6 has an ultra-tough design, is one of the strongest chargers ever made, and uses high-quality materials to guarantee a long life-span.

The inCharge 6 is housed in a zinc-aluminum frame that protects the components and helps them remain stable over a long period.

The creators even drove a car over the inCharge 6 to show the extent of its durability.

Inside the inCharge 6 are 90 braided copper wires that are protected by a TPU layer, this is then strengthened with nylon reinforcements.

This stops the cables from reaching a critical bending level which prevents damage to the copper wires and helps the inCharge 6 last longer than other chargers on the market.

With N52 magnets ( the strongest grade available ) connecting both sides of the inCharge 6, you’ll never have to worry about the inCharge 6 coming apart.

It offers great peace of mind which is perfect for a charger you can use on the move.

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inCharge 6 Max

Image Credit : RollingSquare

If you are looking for some extra freedom when charging, the inCharge 6 Max is just what you need.

The cable, which can be purchased in a bundle, is 50% longer than standard chargers and provides an extra 5 feet (1.5m) of charging mobility.

It offers the convenience and power of the inCharge 6 but with the freedom of a long cable.


At ArgueTech we love bringing people together to discuss the latest and greatest in technology.

The inCharge 6 is just that.

The inCharge 6 is at the cutting edge of charging technology and a huge step forward in the industry.

We think it is a difficult product to dislike but would love to hear your opinion.

So join the conversation in the comments below and let us know what you think.

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