The Kai Gesture Controller allows you to control and interact with the digital world using intuitive hand movements.

Kai is focusing its sights on conquering the lucrative virtual and augmented reality (AR & VR) market.

2019 has seen a maturation of the industry resulting from widespread use via mobile devices, with nearly 43 million people a month using VR and a staggering 68.7 million people using AR.

However, there are still detractors, and it is reported that around 26% of people avoid the technology because of clunky user experience.

This is what Kai is aiming to change.

With wearable technology on the rise, it is the perfect chance to get the best of both worlds.

Who are Vicara?

Image Credit: Kickstarter

Vicara are the masterminds behind Kai.

Their mission is to use technological innovation to prepare humanity for the future with tools focused around human augmentation.

The startup wants to create wearable technology capable of dominating the market and providing humans with a way to work in their digital environment.

What is the Kai Gesture Controller?

Image Credit: Kickstarter

Kai is a wearable band that tracks hand movement, allowing you to perform a variety of actions intuitively and effortlessly.

Kai is not a replacement for a mouse or keyboard but will enable you to augment them.

Unlike competitors in this space, Kai doesn’t rely on a camera to track external movement.

Instead, the device can comfortably and accurately capture gestures, so the user doesn’t have to keep their hand in an obscure position for it to be tracked.

The Kai can track tiny gestures and movements, which allows you to control your devices and software effortlessly.

The haptic feedback also brings with it a reality that its competitors do not.

It can remove the burden of repetitive tasks, and breath new life into familiar tasks, perfect for anyone looking to avoid the daily average of 5,000 mouse clicks.

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What can you use the Kai Gesture Controller for?

Vicara boasts that the Kai can perform any task that you need it to.

The control center which accompanies it allows you to completely customize your gestures based on the application you use the most.

For more advanced users, the Kai has a developer SDK that will enable you to integrate it with any app you want and anything that works with Bluetooth.

Think drones, VR headsets, and even home automation systems.

Virtual Reality

Interacting with the virtual world can often be a difficult task because of the clunky controllers that currently exist.

The Kai enables you to free up your hands while providing accurate feedback to the VR system, helping to improve the user experience and further immerse yourself into the VR scene.

Work & Design

The biggest issue when designing something in 3D is that the controllers are designed to interact with the software across two dimensions.

However, the Kai can manipulate these 3D objects as if they were in the palm of your hand, helping to bring your imagination to life.

The Kai also avoids the need to continually strain yourself on a keyboard or mouse by turning repetitive movements into simple gestures.

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The haptic feedback provided by the Kai helps bring shooting games to life, particularly as you can program it to shoot while you make a gun gesture with your hand.

On top of that, you can customize it to work with driving games and steer the vehicle by simply rotating your hands.

Combining the Kai with both gaming and VR could completely immerse users and help the industry move away from uncomfortable controllers.

Hardware and Home Automation

Imagine if you could control your drone, or RC car simply by lifting a finger or raising a hand.

Well, with the Kai, this is a reality.

Also, the Kai can connect to a variety of smart gadgets located around the house.

The Kai does away with the need to have separate remotes and allows you to control devices all-around your home.

What are the key features of the Kai?

Image Credit: Kickstarter

The Kai has a fantastic range of features that all add up to make it the exceptional product it is.

These features are what make Kai such a pleasure to use.

  1. Precision – Kai is incredibly precise, being sensitive enough to register changes in direction as small as 1mm.
  2. Latency – With a latency of fewer than ten milliseconds, the Kai provides a truly real-time user experience allowing you to take complete control.
  3. Battery – Kai has been built with business users in mind, and this is why its battery life is touted to last up to 8 hours.
  4. Feedback – haptic feedback provided by Kai allows users to determine when their actions have been executed. These small vibrations are also customizable, which puts the users in the driving seat.
  5. Developer SDK – The SDK is a deal closer for anyone looking to fully customize their Kai and integrate it with a variety of devices and programs.
  6. Contactless Tracking – unlike its competitors who require a camera or external device, the Kai is capable of tracking your fingers using just the device itself and requires no outside contact.


The Kai has a very natural feel to it, and this comes from how it is worn.

Unlike bulkier controllers that require you to grab it with your entire hand, Kai can control everything from the palm of your hand and even recognize your finger movement.

This natural feel helps to simplify digital interactions and integrate them with more natural movements.

Doing intricate design, such as CAD, while using a mouse can be tricky because you are operating in a 3-dimensional arena utilizing a tool that can only span two dimensions.

Using the Kai enables you to manipulate the 3D world realistically and gain more control over your work.

The customizable nature of Kai means that you get to choose how you interact with your favorite software.

The control center provides interaction suggestions based on the software you are using, and this can be modified to suit you.

In terms of VR and AR, this means you can customize how you interact with the digital world.

For work, it may just mean simplifying a repetitive process and saving time.

Overall, Kai allows you to work smarter, not harder.

By streamlining your movement and the way you interact with software, you can expect to see an increase in productivity.

It also brings a sense of reality to the digital world.

So, are you ready to take control?

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