Protect Your House Or Building: Lightcam Does Just That

The LightCam is the latest smart device to enter into the booming home security market. The home security industry is set to grow by over $20 billion over the next few years. It has been aided by innovations within the peripherals industry, which has shrunk camera technology while improving its performance.

A home security system is defined as something which is used to secure a household or location. With a quarter of Americans having experienced parcel theft from their front door, the LightCam has been well received by consumers.

Having a discreet method of home protection means that you can covertly secure your home and ward off any would-be intruders. It also means you get to keep tabs on various locations around the house.

Designed by Dan Swiss to help people protect what means most to them, the LightCam really shines when it comes to discreet home security.

We are going to discuss what makes the LightCam great and why it should be on the shopping list of anyone who is security conscious.

Who Is Dan Swiss?

Dan Swiss is the creative mind behind LightCam. He created it to help people protect what matters most to them. Dan built the LightCam with the ethos that you can put a price on peace of mind. That is why the LightCam is affordable and easy to use.

What Is The LightCam?

The LightCam is a smart device. It combines a security camera and an intelligent light bulb, which enables you to keep connected with the things you love, without the hassle of wires, expense installations, and monthly fees.

With the LightCam, you can get a look at your porch before opening the door or make sure the kids are OK in the garden. It means you can keep tabs on the various rooms throughout your home, from the convenience of your smartphone.

Using a standard light socket and Wifi, the LightCam provides affordable home monitoring on a secure platform that gives you total control. The HD security camera combines with a speaker to allow two-way communication so you can interact with whoever is at your door. Also, the adjustable body and camera mean that you can insert it into any light fixture and still capture first-rate footage.

What Makes The LightCam Great?

Setting up the LightCam

Forget lengthy installations and complicated instructions. The team behind LightCam has made it exceptionally straightforward to setup. We believe that it may be one of the easiest processes of any home security product on the market. It means even the less tech-savvy among us can enjoy the added security and peace of mind that LightCam offers. To use the LightCam:

  1. Scan the QR code which is on the LightCam
  2. Choose a light socket for the LightCam. It can be either inside or outside. Twist the LightCam into place
  3. Download the app from either the Android or Apple stores. Follow the simple instructions to complete the setup and start monitoring your home

The simple process makes the LightCam accessible to everyone and avoids the hassle that comes with other home security services. When you register the QR code to your device, it can't be accessed by anyone else. It puts you in total control and adds a layer of security.


For such a small device, the LightCam comes packed with functionality. The onboard camera streams live 1080p wide-angle HD video to your phone. Anytime, anywhere. At night, the infrared is activated and enables night vision, which means you can see up to 25-feet in the dark.

If you want to review footage but don't have the storage on your phone, the LightCam has you covered. Straight out of the box, it's built-in microSD card has enough room to keep up to a week of secure video footage, which you can then download and edit.

Arguably the standout feature of the LightCam is the two-way communication that it offers. You will be able to interact with anyone who is visiting, regardless of whether you need to scare off an intruder or call the kids in for dinner. It is a fantastic feature to fit into such a small device.


The LightCam has been designed to be robust. The outer body has been made to withstand the elements and will work rain or shine. So whether it's a Californian summer or a New York winter, the LightCam has it covered. Also, the body of the LightCam is fully adjustable. You can move it up and down, rotate it, or extend it to fit into any fixture, so it gives a great view regardless of the angle.


The app provided by LightCam provides you with an array of options. You can set on and off times for the light based on the sunset, while still filming 24/7. On top of that, you can program it to turn on based on motion or a specific event.

If you have the storage space, the app allows you to download the video clips onto your local storage. More importantly, you can set up automatic backups to a hard drive or cloud storage at no additional cost. The software design means the LightCam doesn't use up your Wifi bandwidth and won't slow down your internet speeds.

Why Do We Love It?

The LightCam offers the security conscious among us a chance to protect ourselves at a low cost. You get a no strings attached home security system, without the hassle of lengthy or costly contracts. It puts you in the driving seat and protects your home and loved ones.

Would the LightCam have helped you out of a tricky situation? What is your current home security setup? Comment below, we'd love to hear what you think.

Should You Choose The LightCam or Ring Video Doorbell?

There is a wide range of security products available at the moment, including the Ring Video Doorbell, which we previously reviewed. The significant difference between the two is that the LightCam is compatible with any standard light socket, meaning you can place it anywhere. In contrast, the Ring Video Doorbell is just your front or backdoor.

So the choice comes entirely down to where you would like the location of your camera.


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