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The Pivo pod is a revolutionary new way to take photos with your smartphone and get the snaps you deserve. We’ve all been there, trying desperately to capture that perfect moment, whether it’s a family gathering or a stroll through the woods. But how many times have you been let down while trying to capture an image on your phone’s camera?

There have been great strides in camera phone technology in recent years, and the amount of pixels currently available to the average user far exceeds any point in history. Advances in software have also helped smooth out images in the post-production phase and add a kick to your photos.

So why does using your phone for anything other than basic photography or video recording still feel slightly clunky? The process isn’t as straightforward as it ought to be, and taking photos ends up eating into your time. It becomes an endless cycle of constant retakes and touch-ups.

This is where Pivo comes in. Designed by South Korean firm YouVR, Pivo is a phone accessory that makes capturing, editing, and uploading simple and straightforward.

We’ve taken a look at the Pivo and want to share with you why we think its an excellent product and a perfect purchase for anyone looking to capture high-quality media content.

What Is Pivo?

The Pivo is a smart interactive pod that supercharges your smartphone photography capability. Pivo aims to enable people to create dynamic media content using a few taps of their screen.

To use the Pivo, you attach your phone to the pod, and it then puts you firmly in the driving seat. It has nine different creative modes and enables users to multi-live stream. This means you can live stream on all of your favorite social media apps at the same time. One of the standout features is the Pivo’s ability to auto-follow. It is like having your own personal cameraman. We will outline below how the different captures modes utilize Pivo’s auto-follow technology in productive ways.

The Pivo has shot to prominence because of its laundry list of great features and functions. It also gives you the ability to expand functionality with a variety of add-ons. At the time of writing, Pivo has raised an enormous half a million dollars from over 600 people.

What Can The Pivo Do?

Crazy Capture Modes

The Pivo has a whopping nine different create modes. These are great for images, gifs, and videos. Besides the feature descriptions below, to see a video description, check out Pivo Official’s YouTube Channel .

The various ways are:

  1. Versus Mode – Which is perfect for rap-battle style videos
  2. ManyMe – Which enables you to snap multiple photos and clone yourself onto a background.
  3. Perfect Panoramic– This utilizes Pivo’s auto-follow to provide a smooth photo of beautiful scenery. The big bonus is that you get to be in the shot this time.
  4. Tiny Planet – Snap an area and invert it into a tiny planet. This technique is often reserved for high-end DSLR cameras and photoshop magic.
  5. Motion Timelapse – This is similar to the timelapse on your smartphone but with one significant difference. Now you can do it on the move instead of just being stationary.
  6. DoubleTake – In this mode, Pivo pivots away from you for a short second so you can create meme-ready photos.
  7. 50/50 – With this unique capture mode, half of the screen is a still image, while the other half is an animated gif.
  8. Flash – Like the superhero, this creative mode works by using motion blur to simulate high-speeds.
  9. Capture Mode – This mode is ideal for high-quality photos that don’t require any special effects.

With more modes being promised soon, it is easy to see why the Pivo has become so popular. The range of unique shooting modes means you can create standout content.


One of the most significant disadvantages of shooting media content yourself is the lack of steadiness in the shots. With Pivo, this is solved. Pivo will follow you up to 13ft around the room you are in and works on the front and back camera. The smooth auto-follow has two main modes, object tracking, and SmartCapture.

Object tracking works by following something rather than someone, and this makes it perfect for outdoor activities or demonstration videos.

You can customize how Pivo lets you take photos too. The SmartCapture mode can be triggered with a keyword such as “Say Cheese” or even a snap of the fingers. Pivo also comes with a remote control so you can change rotate and move your camera as you wish.

Multi-Platform Streaming

Pivo allows you to stream live on multiple social media networks at the same time. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, or the 29 others that Pivo is compatible with, you’re covered. For anyone looking to build or maintain their social media presence, Pivo makes everything exceptionally easy.

The Add-Ons

The team behind Pivo has also created some neat add-ons which can help take your photography and videography to the next level. You can utilize the functionality of a Go-Pro with a mount that enables you to capture video through the Go-Pro and onto your device. There is also a Lightbox, this provides miniaturized studio lighting to give high-quality finishes on photos. Paired with the 360 product turntable, you can create stunning visuals for new product launches or showcase a new gadget.

Why Do We Love It?

At ArgueTech, we love technology that solves problems. Pivo has taken the age-old issue capturing great footage from a smartphone and fixed it. The Pivo pod adds a touch of professionalism to even the most amateur shoots and gives the user complete control. On top of that, it offers people a cheaper alternative to expensive studio rental or videographer hire.

What was the memory you tried to capture? Do you think you’d find the Pivo useful? We’d love to hear how the Pivo would change the way you manage your content.


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