The revolutionary PrinCube appears to be a reimagining of what is possible with inkjet printing technology.

Innovations in the printing industry have made way for an international portable printer market that is set to be worth over $1.5 billion by 2023.

With an expected growth rate of around 10% per year, mobile printers are set to explode into commercial and domestic use over the years to come.

Portable printers are compact and are a device from which users can create a hard copy of a digital file. Typically they are highly movable and connect via USB or Bluetooth.

The PrinCube allows you to print important documents on the go without the hassle of finding a library or rushing to a friend’s house.

It also unlocks the creative potential of inkjet printing and could provide a platform for many would-be entrepreneurs to develop new designs and products.

PrinCube has been developed by TheGodThings, a new startup comprised of experts from the printing industry looking to overhaul the stale offerings currently on the market.

We are going to discuss what makes PrinCube unique, its defining features, and why we think it has excellent commercial and domestic potential.

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Who Are TheGodThings

Image Credit: PrinCube

TheGodThings are focused on creating innovative new technology in the printing solutions industry.

Their US-based team is comprised of experts from the inkjet printing field and designers from around the world.

The PrinCube launch campaign, which is TheGodThings first, raised an incredible $3 million from just under 20,000 backers who are as keen on the product as we are.

What Is The PrinCube?

Image Credit: PrinCube

The PrinCube is an incredibly lightweight portable printer that can sit in the palm of your hand and allows you to print in high-quality on the go.

TheGodThings have declared the PrinCube “The Smallest and lightest handheld printer for any surface.”

The design of the PrinCube has focused on portability and functionality, with the printer packing enormous capabilities for something so small.

It allows you to print onto virtually any object or surface with the touch of a button and is made with mobile connectivity as a priority.

The PrinCube works over Wifi or hotspot, which allows you to quickly and conveniently upload text, images, or designs to be printed.

There are many cool features packed into the tiny device, but the standout for us is the ability to print in color.

It enables you to completely personalize objects and bring a touch of creativity to everyday items.

Following its successful fundraising campaign, the PrinCube is set for mass production and is currently available in its iconic white casing.

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What Makes The PrinCube Unique?

Image Credit: PrinCube

Battery Life

The team behind PrinCube has used industry-leading battery technology, which provides outstanding battery life.

With a single charge, you will get six full hours of use and a whopping year of standby time.

The PrinCube can print for far longer than its competitors.

It means you avoid the hassle of recharging midway through the working day.

The PrinCube has also been designed with a USB-C port for charging and connectivity.

This gives you ultra-fast transfers and means that you can use your other devices to keep it powered using the inCharge 6.

Printing Capacity

With a single printing PrinCube cartridge, you can print around 415 pages of 4A paper, which is an incredible feat for a portable device.

It also means that your printing costs will be significantly lower because you avoid continually having to refill your cartridge.

The onboard memory of the PrinCube is also around 20 times greater than other mobile printers, which helps further simplify the printing process.

Image Credit: PrinCube

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It seems that PrinCube was designed with two core aims, to be portable and to be ergonomic.

It succeeds on both fronts. With dimension measuring 72x51x68mmm, it easily fits in most carry bags and can travel anywhere.

On top of this, printing is controlled with a single button, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

Also, the built-in software allows you to set up the device in no time, and it works with all smartphones regardless of the operating system.


One of the limiting factors of standard printers is their ability to print solely on paper.

If you need to print on various surfaces, like for a company logo, it can often mean using costly specialist services.

However, with the PrinCube, you connect, click, and slide your design on to whatever surface you want.

Whether its wood, metal, fabric, straight, curved, or rough – you name it, the Princube can print on it.

It means that you no longer have to send stuff away to have it specially printed on, you can do it yourself.

The PrinCube uses three color thermal inkjet technology to achieve full-color printing, leaving its competitors in its wake.

Most can only print in black and white and do not have the 1 second quick dry that the PrinCube does.

It also offers multi-line printing so you can print out longer documents or designs with ease.

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App Integration

The Princube has taken a pragmatic approach to development, which means it has been made with convenience in mind.

Working with both iOS and Android, the PrinCube is straightforward to use, no matter the device you are working with.

Printing is as simple as connecting to your device, scanning a code to access the dashboard, uploading a pattern, clicking the single button, and then sliding to print.

The panel also allows you to make modifications to your design or text while on your device.

They have also included an API so that development teams can develop and implement upgrades to keep the technology accessible.

Image Credit: PrinCube


Home printing has never been as simple as it needs to be. But the PrinCube brings the functionality of a professional device from the comfort of your own home.

At ArgueTech, we love technology because it provides a subtle way to express yourself.

The PrinCube takes this one step further and allows complete creative expression on any object that you desire.

We love the fact that it can be used by entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike.

We would love to hear how you would use your PrinCube.

Love it or hate it?

Let us know what you think.

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