For years, external GPUs (eGPUs) have been must-have products for hardcore gamers, but they’ve never been this good.

Razer’s new Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU is the perfect way to get all the power of a desktop computer without losing the portability of your laptop. Whenever you want to play a game that requires a powerful rig, just plug in the eGPU and go for it. And when you’re ready to head out, just unplug it and take your laptop with you. For longer trips, you can even bring the eGPU along since its sleek design makes it much easier to transport than a full desktop system.

If you’ve always dreamed of booting up Battlefield 5 on your laptop, this is for you. Let’s take a closer look at what this eGPU does right.

What’s So Great About Razer Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU?

We already talked about how portable this eGPU is, but it’s also powerful, upgradable, and incredibly versatile. At the end of the day, it’s just the type of equipment you want to keep at your desk. Here are some of the most important things you can expect:

Just Plug and Play:

Supercharge your gaming without leaving a mess of wires behind. Whenever you’re ready to crank up the graphics, you just need to plug in a single Thunderbolt 3 cable (USB-C), and that’s it. You’ll immediately be connected to the eGPU. You don’t even have to restart your machine or find clever ways to hide all of those messy wires from a desktop computer.

Future-Proof Quality:

Every gamer knows how important it is to future-proof their rig. Whether you want to enjoy an open-world game in 4K resolution, or you just need to maintain a steady FPS for competitive shooters, the Razer Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU lets you easily upgrade your graphics card. So have at it – you can make it as powerful as you want!

Razer Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU

Built-In Power Supply:

A massive 650W power supply keeps the graphics card running strong, and it can even be used as a 100W charger for compatible laptops via USB-C. This would normally make an eGPU run pretty hot, but the Chroma Aluminum version of the Razer Core X has extra vents built into its aluminum body for optimal cooling (and it looks pretty cool).


The Razer Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU is compatible with a huge number of computers. As long as your laptop has external graphics support (eGFX), a Thunderbolt 3 port, and is running on either Windows 10 or macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, you’re good to go. Just set up the system, plug it in, and play!

Turn Your Laptop into a Killer Gaming Rig

If you’re ready to turn your laptop into a desktop-level gaming machine, then look no further than the Razer Core X Chroma Aluminum eGPU. This high-powered portable machine has emerged as one of the most promising eGPUs you can buy. Check it out and get gaming!

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