You’re moments away from winning a legendary match. After hours of coordinating your team via voice chat, they’re waiting to hear the final move. And then it happens – your gaming headset dies, and so does the rest of your team. A cheap mic cost you a well-deserved victory, and they’ll never let you live it down.

There’s no room for error in modern gaming. If you want to keep up with the competition, you need gear that’s durable, fast, and easy to use. Headsets are no exceptions. After all, communication is the key to victory. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are as a gamer if you can’t effectively talk to your team.

That’s why having a nice headset isn’t just about looking good. Features like high fidelity audio, virtual surround sound, quick action controls, and an adjustable microphone have a direct impact on your performance. That’s the key to take your gaming to the next level. If you want to be the best in the match, you need the best gaming headset.

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Six Ways The Razer ManO’War Can Level-Up Your Gaming

  1. High Compatibility: The Razor ManO’War is the best gaming headset on the market. Balancing immersion, power, and sound quality, this wireless device is compatible with every major gaming platform. Whether you’re playing on an Xbox One, PS4, or PC, the ManO’War has your back.

  2. Virtual Surround Sound: Never be snuck up on again. With 7.1 virtual surround sound, these headphones will let you hear exactly where enemies are – even before you see them. This is an entirely new way to experience gaming if you’re used to listening through your TV’s speaker or low fidelity headphones. You can also enjoy a full range of pitches, from powerful bass notes to clean highs that will bring your game’s soundscape to life.

  3. Accessible Controls: On-headset controls mean you can make all the adjustments you need without taking yourself out of the match. This lets you control the mic and game volume, and it even includes a mute mic button.

  4. Attached Microphone: The ManO’war features an attached unidirectional microphone that’s completely adjustable. That means you can set it up and focus on what really matters: winning the match. This hands-off functionality is part of what makes it the best gaming headset out there.

  5. Plush Leatherette Ear Cushions: As far as comfort goes, we’ve all used those cheap plastic headsets that come with gaming consoles. They’re uncomfortable, low quality, and after a while, they can make your ears ache. A comfortable headset means you’ll never have to take your hands off the mouse or controller to reposition it. It shouldn’t cause aching or tender spots after hours of gaming. That’s what the ManO’War can give you.

  6. Cost-Effective:If you’re looking for the best gaming headset at a great price, look no further. The ManO’War is in a league of its own when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

Dominate Matches with the Best Gaming Headset

You get what you pay for. This is especially true for hardcore gamers who need the best gear if they want to take full advantage of their skills. If you’re still using a cheap budget headset (or worse, that tiny plastic mic that came with your gaming console), then it’s time to upgrade. After all, victory is priceless. Don’t cheap out on your gear. Get the Razer ManO’War and take your gaming up a notch.

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