• Cross-compatible with many devices and convenient to use
  • Has strong magnets that make connecting the cable to the tip in your charging port a breeze
  • Indicates when your phone is charging with LED light
  • Superior build quality


  • Difficult to use when charging at the edge of the table
  • Magnets can attract particles and make their connection weaker
Charging Speed

Final Verdict

The ChargeASAP X-Connect is an exciting tech that eliminates most of the hassles that come with using a regular cable. It is compatible with several phone brands and has a top-notch charging speed. Sadly, the magnets on the tip and cable gather particles. So, exposing them when you’re not charging your phone will make their attraction weaker. Asides this, we can believe you’ll love using it more than your regular charger.

You’re staying at a friend’s house and your battery is running low.

They have an Android but you’re an iPhone lover, what do you do?

Cross-device charging is a pain that has yet to be solved by phone manufacturers.

Typically, you need multiple cables to charge your different devices which is costly over the long run and irritating to have to carry around.

On top of that, connecting your phone to its charger always takes more effort than it should.

Whether it’s in the dead night or whilst driving, tangled wires and old-style connectors make it a difficult task.

It’s not just frustrating, it’s also time-consuming.

The X-Connect is ASAP’s answer to the many frustrations involved with charging your devices.

With the X-Connect you can charge your phone, distraction-free.

The magnet connection means the cable snaps into place immediately, saving you time and effort.

We think the X-Connect is worth sharing, particularly for those tired of the state of current conventional charging.

Read below to find out how the ASAP X-Connect works and what makes ASAP a standout startup.

Who Is ChargeASAP?

Based in Sydney Australia, ASAP creates consumer products that aim to make interactions with your mobile phone seamless.

By increasing efficiency and helping to automate the plug-in process, ASAP hope’s to de-stress their customers and make things simpler.

Since 2014, ASAP has launched six products all within the charging industry.

Raising nearly $2 million in funding for their unique products.

They believe that the impact of mobile phones is enormous in our daily lives and that streamlining these interactions can lead to big boosts in productivity.

How Does The X-Connect Work?

There are two main parts to the X-Connect, the tip, and the cable.

You must choose a tip that is compatible with your various devices.

Currently the tips you can purchase include:

  1. USB-C – which is fast becoming the most popular format in the world. The potential of USB-C technology gives you the ability to charge laptops and will improve mobile charging speeds.
  2. Micro-USB – perfect for many Android devices and is made with N52 Grade Neodymium.
  3. Alpha Tip – this 18K gold plated tip is suitable for Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad. It is a robust rework of the official lightning tip that improves on the design and lowers the likelihood of component failure.

The tip is then plugged into your device’s charging port and this is what snaps onto the magnetic cable.

There is also an indicator to show whether your phone is charging or not.

On the other end of the cable is a reversible Type A USB which is compatible with all modern plugs.

The reversibility means no more flipping or switching the cable, you get an instant connection every time.

Despite having such strong magnets, you won’t need a special tool to remove the tip from your phone charging port.

For those looking to personalize their experience, you get to choose from a variety of colors which include gold, silver, black, and gunmetal.

Why Choose The ChargeASAP X-Connect?


The X-Connect is the first magnetic USB cable in the world to be cross-compatible with all phone brands.

It utilized two N52 grade neodymium magnets; these are the strongest commercial magnets available in the world.

Since its first iteration, the magnets on the X-Connect have increased in size and can now hold 33% more weight.

It means that you can pick your phone up using the cable and not risk the device falling.

If your phone has fallen into a hard to reach spot, the magnetic cable can also be used to help you reach it.

However, what sets X-Connect apart from the competition is its beveled and concave magnetic connections.

This means that regardless of its position, the cable will connect if it is within 38mm (1.5 inches) of the tip, every time.

The strong magnets snap your charger into place and the connection light lets you know charging is underway.

So never again will you have to worry about waking up with a depleted battery and then having to carry around a charging pack all day.

It makes connecting your phone simple and straightforward.

The strength of the magnets means that you can connect the drive with one hand which is particularly useful if you are multitasking.


The design of the X-Connect means that fights over the cables in your house will be a thing of the past.

The variety of tips that accompany the charging cable means that there is something for everyone.

Additionally, the launch of the new USB-C tip unlocks the way for laptop charging, all with the same cable.

Protect Your Phone

One area that mobile phones receive significant wear and tear is the charging port.

Many people look to replace their batteries after owning a device for longer than a year.

But in fact, numerous problems are caused by damage to the port which affects the charging process.

By having the X-Connect tip in place, you can protect your device from damage by avoiding dust and dirt interfering with the performance of your phone.


At ArgueTech, we love gadgets that solve problems.

The X-Connect has addressed numerous long-running issues within the mobile phone industry.

While it may seem like such a small aspect of your day, the number of interactions you have with your phone makes this product a big deal.

It’s a simple way to avoid the frustrations of tangled wires and loose connections.

What is your biggest grievance with charging?

Does the X-Connect help solve this?

Let us know how the X-Connect would change your mobile experience.